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Moss, The Perfect Landscaping Addition

Moss, The Perfect Landscaping Addition

How Moss Can be Used In Landscape Gardens
Mosses are one of the great misunderstood plants of our time. Too many people see them as eyesores, not realizing all the fun, creative and downright mesmerizing ways that you can use them to accentuate your gardens or re-invent your landscape.

If you’re interested in something new and exciting for your lawn, here are a few topical applications for nature’s green friend!
Shade Cover

Struggling to keep your begonias alive in the sunlight? Give them some much-needed shade in the form of garden mosses. You can grow them in the ground, in hanging bowls or even on the side of your house for a touch of the “wild” look.
Fun Shapes and Designs

Topiary statues are an art form, and with a great idea and a little skill, you can transform any hunk of moss into a one-of-a-kind outdoor ornament. Artists around the world have turned mosses into everything from animal sculptures to life-sized labyrinths!
Replacement Grass

Have you ever wondered why mosses are so prevalent in nature? It’s because they’re erosion resistant, meaning their soil retains a lot of moisture and stays richly hydrated and packed with life-giving nutrients. So if there are patches of your lawn suffering from dull, dead grass, mosses will cure the problem efficiently and naturally!
Zen Gardens

Most people think of niwaki when planting a zen garden, but cushion and hair-cap mosses are the real sources of their iconic look. Section off an area of your yard with pretty stones, flowing green mosses and maybe a pond or two for a slice of Japanese tranquility right at home.
Ground Coverings

Moss mats are a great way to punch up your yard or frame your walkways. They’re soft, perfect for bare feet and summer fun, and their vibrant green color will make the ground absolutely pop. Best of all, they’re ridiculously low maintenance: You won’t need to mow, rake or fertilize them, so just plant them and watch them grow.
Accenting Trees

If you have a large or wooded area for a backyard, consider using tree moss to accent your faithful redwoods and crabapples. Not only will they give your land a picturesque woodland look, but certain types of tree mosses are proving to have medicinal qualities!
These are just a few ways you can use everyday mosses to completely transform your garden. In truth, the possibilities are endless, so quit fighting nature and trying to tame the mosses in your life. Use them as a beautiful decoration instead!